SWP Franchisee Experience Letters

Read letters from other students who ran 2015 summer businesses. Business Operators share their experiences and offer advise to students considering to run their own Student Works summer business.

2015 Summer Business Operators

Mexico Award Operators

Jake operated in Abbotsford BC – organizational skills, people skills and management skills learned through Student Works Painting will be essential in helping me achieve my goal or medical school.

Belce, a business owner for 3 years in North Vancouver. The only way to grow your business and make more money is through delegating and start acting like a business owner.

Brooklyn (Owner in Brandon Manitoba for 2 years) does not believe one year is enough to completely benefit what Student Works has to offer.

Cindy operated in Edmonton AB, does not regret signing with Student Works Painting despite all the stress

Amanda , 2nd year franchisee, West Kelowna & Peachland BC. John, felt intimidated at signing up for something she had very little experience with, student works painting showed her the way.

John operated a business in Kelowna was terrified thinking, what am I getting myself into.

Martin operated in Port Moody BC and can’t even begin to explain the skills and business sense he has learned over the past 4 years.

Mike has been running a Student Works business for 6 years in Comox, North Nanaimo and Duncan, explains how it has positively impacted my life on a personal, professional and academic level.

Natalie operated a Studentworks business in North Delta BC, learned more than any other business student and successfully ran a business with sales of over $100,000.

Nathan, Maple Ridge BC outlines areas that are not taught in SWOTS but improve the chances of you running a successful business.

Jack, a business operator in North Vancouver, explains there will be difficult times where problems arise and sacrifices have to be made, but overall, it is a very rewarding experience.

Cody, Penticton BC business, wonders why good friend Megan wanted to ruin his life and signed him up for Student Summer business.

Rachel, 1st year SWP Franchisee in Prince George started with a terrible pre-season, but finished as one of the top ten rookies.

Brandon, Senior Operator Student Works Painting – Red Deer, decided to operate a summer business for a second year. This decision has weighed on me every step of the way and it has not been an easy journey.

Alex, Saskatoon SK is a rookie franchisee, returning for round two.

Bryson operated his business in his home town of Smithers, BC. He relished the opportunity to do something he had never done before and to push himself to his limits in an environment that truly excited him.

Allan SWP West Franchisee, Vancouver, shares thoughts on things that are most memorable during his SWP journey.

Liam operated a business in Vancouver, lives thousands of kilometers from his home territory knew that it would be hard to have a productive pre-season and be at the same level as other franchisees.

Kathryn has run a summer business for 5 Years in Edmonton, recently graduating with Biological Science Degree. She recommends to focus on the fact that StudentWorks is a business, not everyone can run a business. That aspect will set you well beyond your peers and will benefit you greatly in your future goals.

Kyle from Lethbridge, learned invaluable skills in managing people and time, as well as, how to organize better set goals and meet budgets.

Rachel operated a business in her hometown of Nelson BC. Studentworks is a crazy crash course on life that you get paid to take.

Kyle has operated in Prince Albert SK for 2 years and plans to operate in Regina next summer. He initially thought that earning $20,000 in a summer must be some sort of scam, but discovered that. Student Works provides a low risk environment with a lot of support to enable an entrepreneur to begin running their own business.

Colin’s 2 year experience in Spruce Grove operating a summer business – Student Works is for tireless individuals that strive for success in everything they do.

Nick has operated in Winnipeg for 2 years, recommending of thinking about Studentworks as an university course, your first year will teach you all of the basics and your second year will let you apply them and really solidify all of your knowledge for whatever is to come in your life.

Ryan, first year operator in Vernon, BC thinks the experience is completely unique for each franchisee.

Starting Your Own Business is a Stroke of Genius

Be A Business Leader

Student Works is in the business of creating leaders by recruiting, training and coaching the best students across Canada

Student Works Painting has created many successful Canadian business leaders while providing summer employment for students

Previous Operators Speak

Deal With Your Problems

The faster you deal with and solve your problems, the faster they will go away

Ritika, Calgary

Provided Capabilities Test

wanted to prove what he was capable of achieving

Invest Your Own Money

Don’t be afraid to invest your own money into your business

Mitch, Calgary