Experience Letters from Previous Franchisees

Letters to Potential Franchisess

A selection of letters from Student Work Operators. See what they have to say about their experience with running a student painting franchise with Student Works and read their advise to you.

Daunting and Confusing

One of the better decisions I’ve made in my time at University. At first it seems daunting and confusing as to how someone can run a business at this age and honestly I had only a small idea of what I was getting myself into.

Keenan, Canmore

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Follow The Systems

I learned to follow the systems. I wish I would have followed more. Being organized is a HUGE bonus. Your painters can make you, or break you. DMs have a super weird amount of knowledge that you wouldn’t even think they’d know.

Katlin, Kamloops

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No Painting Experince

When I found out the business I would be running was a painting business, I was a little confused and unsure how I would make any money painting. Personally I do not necessarily enjoy painting nor did I have much experience.

Justin, Edmonton

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Running A Profitable Business

Facing unforeseen challenges and coping with culminating stressors can be rather unpleasant. However through hard work and dedication, I can truly say that this job has greatly enhanced my understanding of how to run a profitable business.

Joshua, Smithers

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Business Areas Improve

Watching all the areas of my business improve (Recruiting, Marketing, Sales, Production) throughout each year is an extremely satisfying experience. Running a Student Works franchise is a challenging opportunity, but worthwhile.

John, Kelowna

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Hands On Learning Experience

Studentworks has taught me a lot about people, relationships, business and myself. It is a hands on learning experience that you simply can’t learn in the classroom.

Joelene, Swift Current

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Would Not Trade This Experience

What I have learned and accomplished, gives me so much indescribable pride that I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Being able to say that I successfully ran a business at just 18 years old is incredible.

Joanna, Penticton

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Becoming A Better Person

Becoming a better person through personal time management and how to be more organized. Figuring how to market your business to a specific target audience, learning how to have employees and dealing with your employees.

Dustin, Calgary

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Find Good People

A business owner is nobody without good people helping you. Fight hard to find good people. They will be a powerful deciding factor on how your summer will go.

Delson, Maple Ridge

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Brave Taking This Step

Interested in running your own business with the help of Student Works. You are brave for wanting to take a step like this and smart for choosing SWP to help you start out your entrepreneurial career.

Clayton, Powell River

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Running a Business Basics

Student Works is a program that shows the basics of running a business. The hardest part was handling so many people and things at once all the time.

Chrystal, Winnipeg

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Lessons for Everyday Life

Many of the things I learned had nothing to do with managing a painting business at all, but could be applied to many aspects of my everyday life. A ton of fun and couldn’t have done it without the SWP network of support.

Cassidy, 100 Mile House

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Impossible to Fail

If you listen to your DM, put in the effort and follow the systems that are clearly laid out for you, it is nearly impossible to fail. Make a conscious effort to direct all of your work effectively.

Bryson, Prince George

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Best Summer Work Experience

Learn new people skills, business skills, managing skills, work experience and how to handle real world experiences without having the struggle of doing it on your own.

Brooklyn, Brandon

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Every Tiny Detail To Run a Business

Student Works provides every tiny detail of information to run a business and how to become successful. The company gave me the starting knowledge and continuous help in running this great business.

Ashley, Regina

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Rewarding Life Lessons

The experience you gain from pushing through problems are second to none. The life lessons are some of the most rewarding things that come with this job. You are surrounded by the best community of people.

Andy, Port Moody

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Memorable Thoughts During SWP Journey

Learned a lot of valuable lessons, and had a positive change in the way to deal with things. Money aside, even just for the experience, it’s incredibly well worth the time.

Allie, Kamloops

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Welcomed to Veteran Group

Terrified and excited when manual came in the mail. Heart was in his throat the entire drive to training where he was surrounded by genuine, hard working people who had all completed the journey that he was about to embark on.

Alex, Saskatoon

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Results Solely Based on You

To run a successful business, the results are solely based on what you put in to it. So if you work hard, follow the systems and push through the tough times then it’ll be a great experience for you.

Adam, Selkirk Manitoba

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I’m Not In This By Myself

Went to the first payroll event and talked with other rookies and realized, we’re all going through the same thing, I’m not in this by myself. Suggests to go to the payroll events and make friends with other operators.

Adam, Vancouver

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Letters from Business Operators

Read letters from other students who ran summer businesses in 2015. Business Operators offer advise to students considering running their own Student Works summer business.

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